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American luxury retail innovator enhances digital customer experience with a robust, scalable and secure ecosystem using AWS Web Hosting Services

The US-based client is a multi-brand luxury retailer offering a new online retail concept with a mission to impact the lives of underprivileged girls by donating 20% of its proceeds to global charities. It works closely with luxury brands and global celebrities to build recognition for its approach.

The Challenge

The client was limited in their ability to scale to meet the company’s vision to help charities on a global scale, while continuing to provide a secure and delightful online user experience. They wanted to leverage the benefits of Cloud technology but needed help on how to adopt AWS Web Hosting Services cost-effectively. This included building the capability to scale the online experience quickly to meet surges in demand.

The Solution

Persistent took a systematic approach to implement a stack of cloud-based web hosting solutions from AWS aligned with the client’s needs. This included delivering customized digital features to facilitate charity. With a robust approach to solution design and caching mechanism, Persistent designed the entire architecture with a focus on security, scalability and cost optimization.

To help the client handle more data with increasing network traffic, Persistent deployed Amazon CloudFront and leveraged content based routing of AWS application load balancer and Amazon RDS.

As ensuring the website and web applications’ availability and security was critical during periods of surging demand, Persistent deployed AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect the client’s website against cyber-attacks. To secure the endpoint, Persistent leveraged AWS WAF that provided the client with XSS, SQL injection, control bot traffic and rate limiting to prevent any malicious attacks from penetrating the application.

The Persistent team also deployed Amazon Aurora, a fully managed, cost-effective relational database engine, to automate time-consuming tasks, including provisioning hardware, taking backups and patching. To support the tech stack with mid-tier caching methodologies, custom services on Amazon EC2 instances, such as Memcached and Elasticsearch, were configured.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) provided a cost-effective solution for storing, archiving and securing large volumes of data. Additionally, Persistent implemented Amazon Route 53, a highly scalable DNS web service, for improved application resiliency and API security.

The Outcome

Stability is critical for the client business model amid rapidly growing demand. Persistent’s deployment of AWS infrastructure enabled the client to improve speed to market, agility and the customer experience by offering new products/SKUs with bundles, pricing and promotions, with ease. With a 360 view of customer data, the client delivered a seamless omni-channel experience with no reported outages or downtime, increasing customer base and sales revenues.

Technology Used
  • AWS
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3
  • Amazon Route 53
  • AWS — Web Hosting Services

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