Client Success

Building a data replication solution


  • Client is a biopharmaceutical company
  • Client uses Salesforce Health Cloud but it does not maintain history.
  • Project objective is to
    • Snowflake to be leveraged for DWH
    • To handle full & incremental workloads
    • To support dynamic schema update from Salesforce to Snowflake
    • Maintain history (SCD Type2)
  • IICS is used for ELT; it has a limitation for Dynamic Schema


  • Migrate identified objects from Sales Force Health Cloud to Snowflake (CDL) & To maintain transaction history
  • PII/PHI data encryption at rest; to retain deidentified data copy
  • Soln. to support Data Quality Management, Data Lineage & Data Governance;
  • Framework to cover DQM for data issues (like Duplicates records, Incorrect calculations, Missing/ inconsistent data,etc.)
  • Near real time incremental build (/30 min)


150+ objects replicated

In 3 months

Dynamic Schema enabled

Column addition from SFHC to Snowflake

Reusable Solution Delivered

Is Source type agnostic

Parametrized Stored Procedure

To handle SCD Type2 and Dynamic Schema

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