Client Success

Building and deploying a Data Mesh platform


  • The customer is a Fortune 500 company dealing with large scale production and distribution of beer products in US
  • Multiple groups within the organization needed data for making key decisions, to roll out promotions, and to forecast sales across regions
  • Needed a tech platform that allowed for agility while also ensuring that the enterprise constraints for security, and governance were adhered to
  • Wanted to use various data types: structured, unstructured, semi structured and use AI strategy decisions.


  • Developed and deployed data mesh architecture
  • Created data domains for different business needs – sales, marketing, analytics, forecasting
  • Cloud migration with data-as-a-service approach with Snowflake as data platform.
  • Self-service centralized data engineering platform that provides analytical database as a platform; DataOps — data and workflow orchestration as code, data quality testing and profiling as code, data transformation as code, version control / CI / CD, monitoring, alerting and logging; and event streaming as a platform.



Enabled users to meet consumption requirements

Unstructured data

Ability to extract, process, and store

Reduced cost

Key benefit of data mesh

Cloud ready

Enabled ability to scale and optimize

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