Global Payments Leader Boosts Fraud Detection with Google Cloud

Client Success

Global payments leader accelerates dispute resolution and fraud detection with Google Cloud Platform

The client is a global payments leader, processing over $180 billion in annual payments for more than 3,200 partners and 260,000+ merchants across physical and digital commerce — both in-store and online.

The Challenge

The client gained control over a major dispute management platform for the payment industry through a recent acquisition. The acquisition required the platform provider, earlier owned by VISA, to exit their existing infrastructure.

The dispute management platform was deployed on AWS and in on prem data centers (DCs) located in Los Angeles and Dallas. The client was in a dilemma — whether to consolidate the solution on AWS or migrate the 60+ servers and 2.8 TB of data to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The Solution

With technical assistance from Persistent, the client decided to migrate and re-platform the solution on GCP based on the native data, analytics and security capabilities. Persistent provided migration support and application modernization guidance to help them complete this transition before VISA shut down their on-prem data centers.

Persistent acted as a bridge between the client organization and VISA. Persistent’s unmatched technical expertise, platform migration and implementation experience, and in depth understanding of both AWS and the GCP target environment allowed it to fill knowledge gaps quickly.

Once the client decided to move to more of a containerization infrastructure, Persistent helped them migrate to a container-based infrastructure by transitioning their VMs to Kubernetes based containers.

Persistent also enabled the Google Cloud Security Command Center, leveraged several cloud native tools and incorporated third-party applications to strengthen data security and access controls and ensure compliance with several payment-related regulations.

The Outcome

By enabling the client to transition the complex dispute management platform to their newly adopted GCP, Persistent helped simplify the architecture and reduce technical debt radically. This resulted in a 40- 50% reduction in ongoing maintenance efforts.

Having the front and back end of the application on GCP led to faster dispute resolution and improved fraud detection, allowing merchants to scale to serve an increasing number of customers more quickly. The savings and a radically simplified architecture, enabled the client to innovate more quickly by adding functionalities, expanding the platform and driving innovation to accommodate ever-evolving customer demands.

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