Global travel company transforms operations

Client Success

Global travel company transforms operations with new network operations center

Learn how a major global travel management company optimized operations and productivity with network operations center.


  • As a technology-dependent global organization, the client needed to streamline operations, improve systems monitoring and reduce costs
  • It required a robust network connection and support environment to ensure business continuity, with a highly responsive solution operating seamlessly 24/7 with no downtime


  • Network operations center (NOC) deployed for cost-effective 24/7 operations
  • Proactively monitors IT infrastructure and applications, with KPIs to track operations, alerting client to any service disruptions
  • Introduced real-time issue resolution, restructuring existing environment of network, systems, servers, and applications with “territory teams” for faster response


  • Improved KPIs
  • Real-time dashboards led to better monitor and optimized resources
  • Improved issue closure time with improved user satisfaction, and lower risk of IT failures

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