Client Success

Healthcare technology solutions provider moves to Google Cloud with Persistent

The client enables physicians to provide effective patient care by reducing their operational burdens with the help of technology.  

  • On-prem data centers and infra to run applications and maintain a heavy database
  • On-prem exchange servers and logic mail solutions
  • Lock-in of data and hardware overheads
  • Increases cost as data and applications required to scale up
  • Workload and data migration to Google Cloud
  • Removed dependencies on tools and vendor lock
Business Impact
  • Cost-effectiveness by saving Infra Capex and slashing down on-prem maintenance
  • Scalability to match customer demand and flexibility to manage multiple databases
  • Data security and compliance through Google Cloud’s added security and compliance (HITRUST, HIPAA)
  • Breaking down siloes between onshore and offshore teams
Managed Services
  • Contextual tech support to help deliver an uptime SLA of 99.9% for their customers
  • Ran security audit to help in compliance for CIS and HIPPA standards
  • Optimized cost by enabling autoscaling using managed instance groups
  • Architecture optimization by moving to managed services like Cloud SQL, GKE and others
  • Deployed budget/quotas processes for different business units to control cost

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    You can also email us directly at