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Client Success

How a global leader in life sciences research reduced TCO by moving to AWS

Learn how a global leader in developing and manufacturing products for the life sciences research and clinical diagnostic markets, reduced cost of cloud operations with application modernization.


  • The client needed to modernize applications to make them cloud-ready and reduce time to deploy. This required re-writing and moving its solution that was originally built in .NET Framework 4.5 to AWS, using the latest Azure PaaS and Azure Functions and EventHub
  • The client wanted to keep the same microservices application architecture and leverage the latest AWS serverless offerings to further reduce hosting costs


  • Persistent analyzed and identified performance issues related to database design
  • Converted the .NET codebase to .NET Core and built new Lambda functions leveraging the .NET Core
  • A performance issue related to new microservices was addressed by re-writing them in Golang
  • While migrating CosmosDB to DynamoDB, Persistent implemented Neptune Graph DB to fit the kind of data which significantly improved performance for certain workloads


  • Improved application performance times
  • 40% reduction in operating costs
  • 87% cut in deployment time, from eight to one hour
  • Faster reporting and enhanced analytics
  • Repeatable provisioning of environments using Terraform

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