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How Persistent supported Simplyhealth in accelerating Digital Transformation with Salesforce Customer 360

Simplyhealth, UK’s leading provider of health and dental plans, is on a mission to simplify access to health products, services, and support for their 3 million+ strong client base.

Simplyhealth’s initial challenges involved having multiple customer service teams located in different geographies that functioned from separate CRMs. This meant that a lot of useful data was available to improve CX but Simplyhealth lacked the cohesion to exploit its full potential.

I definitely recommend working with Persistent. They took a lot of pressure off of us by doing great analytic work. They talked to our system users, gathered their requirements, trained them. It was really reassuring for us, considering our tight timeline.

Rebecca Hall, Head of Salesforce, Simplyhealth

Persistent stepped in and worked to merge five different existing solutions into one superb Salesforce solution. Persistent was also entrusted to implement Marketing Cloud, which wasn’t part of Simplyhealth’s previous marketing stack.

These implementations empowered Simplyhealth to execute their new digital strategy by leveraging a centralized platform that gave them a 360 view of customers.

Their advisors are now equipped with all the information they need to assist customers while their marketing team is able to share relevant, personalized offerings on the right channels and devices.

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