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Matrix Cellular goes the Google way with Persistent

MediaAgility was acquired by Persistent in May 2022 and its capabilities form the foundation for Persistent’s Google Business Unit. As a Google Cloud Partner and a strategic IT Transformation services provider, the Google Business Unit is focused on delivering transformational services with cloud-native solutions that enable businesses to stay relevant and benefit from the public cloud platform capabilities. 

The company

Founded with a resolute vision of providing seamless and cost-efficient connectivity solutions to international travelers, Matrix has garnered a reputation of being a telecom operator of choice for many. The company’s services range includes International SIM and Data solutions and aims to cater to all sections of the society, such as leisure and business travelers, and students studying abroad. The company gained several awards and accolades for its remarkable services in all those years of its existence.

The challenge

Matrix embraced the then popular on-premises information architecture for meeting its IT and communication needs. The company utilized the technology to its full potential and fared noticeably well for the time. However, with Matrix expanding into various regions across the globe, the on-premises architecture became redundant in addressing the ensuing needs of the organization.

One of the most excruciating challenges for the company involved shelling out hefty sums in procuring licenses. Not only this, in order to manage its tasks, the company relied solely on MS Outlook, which required it to purchase Microsoft Office license. It is quite clear that licensing cornucopia consumed a major part of company’s IT expenses.

Having offices at multiple locations, collaboration emerged as the prime requisite for its profitable functioning. To make it easier yet efficacious, they had been relying on various OS, which apart from being expensive, were considerably prone to virus attacks. Another major downside with OS was that if any problem affected it, there were higher chances that the company might lose all the data.

Fast and effective work, coupled with the ease of change have been their major consideration, as one needed to be on a fixed location to get access to the work. Then, the storage was restricted to a certain limit, impacting the efficiency of the users. The company had to deploy more resources who could help them maintain the servers, further burdening them exorbitant costs. Furthermore, OS came with a high risk of data loss in case of mishaps, man-made or natural.

The solution

Aware of the rapid changes taking place in the telecom industry, it had become indispensable for the company to keep coming with cutting-edge solutions while keeping the budget in control. Like before, the company revisited its overall strategy and brainstormed about how they can achieve the goals. Along the same line, the company’s leadership team concluded about bring into being its Cloud transition with core business applications. And after a thorough research, they found Google Apps for Work best suited to their requirements. With Google Apps, Matrix Cellular Services kept its licensing related woes at bay and threw its entire weight behind augmenting its staff at multitude of locations across the globe.

The company is now using Google Docs as a real-time collaboration tool to work on its plans. This has been facilitating the company to save immensely upon the time and resources they would otherwise have to waste. Google Sites is another Google Apps component that has been enabling the company’s management to disseminate, with ease, any important plan throughout the organization.

Google outclassed all other service providers in almost all aspects, including features, costs, reliability, data storage and ease of use. Above all, it has helped the company axe out several issues it had been facing.

Our services

We played a vital role in helping Matrix Cellular Services to switch to the cloud from legacy organizational infrastructure. Initially, the company was obviously a little quizzical about migrating all its operations to the cloud, but we were there right from the moment when they shared their vision for going the Google way.

Our sessions on Change Management sped up a hassle-free transition for Matrix Cellular Services’ workforce to Google Apps. These sessions were tailored and delivered intuitively to make sure that the employees get accustomed to the changes surfaced after the company migrated their operations to Google Apps.

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