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Modernizing loyalty management solution on a cloud-based platform for incentive management industry leader 

The client is a leading loyalty and event management company running 2,500+ programs for more than 70 customers, including incentives and recognition programs, travel, and events.

The Challenge

As an organization running 2,500+ programs for 70+ customers with different incentive, product, and hierarchy requirements, the client operates in numerous technical domains, each demanding customized loyalty solutions and support.

The client had built highly configurable enterprise client solutions with a traditional software licensing approach, deploying and customizing multiple software versions on-prem. This led to business challenges including difficulty in deploying single and scalable environments, providing updates and support, cost inefficiencies, rework and inconsistent customer experiences.

The loyalty management company needed to modernize its loyalty management solution to factor in scalability, innovation and the flexibility of a cloud-based SaaS enabled platform. However, this was challenging as their current products required extensive budget and headcount to operate and time and resource to modernize.

The Solution

Since 2013, Persistent has been the client’s software engineering partner and has helped them develop their software products. Over the years, Persistent helped the client deploy an offshore development model that helped them optimize costs, drive innovation and accelerate their product time-to-market.

The pandemic negatively impacted the client’s business and made it difficult to balance existing product maintenance and new product development. Persistent deployed a digital transformation program to optimize IT spend so that savings could be repurposed to modernize and accelerate product development. Persistent took on infrastructure delivery, reduced the overall IT spend and improved the quality of delivery.

Persistent designed and deployed the modernization of the client’s incentive management product using an API-first architecture, Azure native capabilities and latest technologies like .NET6.0, React and Next.JS.

The Outcome

The loyalty management company realized substantial cost savings that could be redeployed into core software product engineering and product innovation. Specifically, Persistent delivered 55% cost reduction in infrastructure operations compared to the costs of legacy IT.

By adhering to rigorous service levels, the client improved agility and customer satisfaction. Customized support, quick service and fast uptimes resulted in an 89% Net Promoter score for their core product, resulting in significant repeat business.

Quick deployment modes as per customer requirements, advanced collaboration and multilingual support helped the client’s dealers (end customers) achieve 25% year-over-year growth.

Technology Used
  • Azure
  • .NET6.0
  • React
  • Next.JS

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