Client Success

US-based healthcare technology giant modernizes applications, optimize infra, and unlocks key insights

The customer provides patient care and billing support to physicians and healthcare providers through technology 

  • Restricted access to monolithic apps running on client’s server-based environment 
  • Legacy systems incompatible with OS. Issues faced during OS or database upgrades 
  • Limited data visibility and lack of insights
  • Infrastructure modernization to optimize resources and increase availability and access. 
  • Rapidly developed & deployed OS-agnostic apps  
  • Data consolidated on BigQuery from multiple sources; dashboards designed for real-time insights 
  • Managed services resulting in cost-efficiencies and accelerating modernization 
Business Impact 
  • Pilot in 4 weeks & 1st microservice modernized in 2 weeks 
  • BigQuery benefits: Database consolidation and high-performance analytics queries. 
  • Cost savings, on-demand scale, control and automation of deployments, & better resource monitoring. 
  • Security in design – data security and compliance 
Managed Services 
  • Automated the build/deploy process using Cloud Build for GKE helping them deploy new builds every hour 
  • Contextual tech support to help deliver an uptime SLA of 99.9% for their customers 
  • Security audits to help in compliance for CIS and HIPPA standards 
  • Optimized cost by reducing waste and keeping high utilization on all resources 
  • Agile methodology for value-driven, rapid results 
  • Instructor-led in-person training & step-by-step tutorial guide for a smooth migration process to ensure business continuity 

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    You can also email us directly at