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With Google Cloud Platform, Persistent Helps ReputUp Unravel the Power of Networking

MediaAgility was acquired by Persistent in May 2022 and its capabilities form the foundation for Persistent’s Google Business Unit. As a Google Cloud Partner and a strategic IT Transformation services provider, the Google Business Unit is focused on delivering transformational services with cloud-native solutions that enable businesses to stay relevant and benefit from the public cloud platform capabilities. 

ReputUp is a content curation solution powered by Google Cloud Platform and Google App Engine. ReputUp simplifies collecting and organizing content, and shares it back with a relevant audience on leading social sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Consistent with their aim to help people and businesses leverage the power of acquiring and sharing knowledge, ReputUp is contributing to creating valuable business and career opportunities for their users.

The publishing and promotional modules of ReputUp allow users to share curated content that includes blogs posts, social media posts, newsletters, and videos. Used by professionals and brands all over the world, the application is purposed to enable users advance their social ties with relevant content sharing or establish a brand as a thought leader.

Being more than just a social media content sharing application

Haider Lasne, Founder of ReputUp, always knew the inevitable importance of content curation and social media in a professional’s or a brand’s term of service. He launched ReputUp with a firm belief that the conversation is not about oneself, but about what matters to the users’ customers and followers. It’s about exploring and bringing up with your communities the stories, experiences, wisdom, and best practices that they would immensely value. Hence, he wanted to create a platform that would help users channelize the colossal potential of social media and become more aligned with their customers and followers. The idea has been to help users or brands establish trust and trigger engagement within communities.

Haider walked up to the Google Cloud team at MediaAgility (now part of Persistent Systems) and discussed technological challenges that could be limiting the potential of the application that he had envisioned.

  1. Need for speed, that is, ensuring high content availability and accessibility – With users expected to share tons of curated content, ReputUp envisioned to deliver a high touch interactive sharing experience that helped users find and share great content on the fly.
  2. Content scheduling and sharing with sourcing and accreditation: Haider wanted ReputUp to help users share content sourced from multiple channels with proper author or brand accreditation and had to be displayed on user’s or brand’s LinkedIn and Twitter account.
Contributing to establishing impactful corporate culture

As a technology partner to ReputUp, MediaAgility chose Google Cloud Platform to deliver the speed and massive scalability ReputUp needed to maintain the high levels of service availability and system performance. The solution runs on Google App engine, and helps career-driven professionals and business brands search, browse, and share stories that would matter to their colleagues or followers.

  1. Hassle free content sharing : ReputUp enables users to do much more than just content sharing. The powerful recommendation engine is the main selling point of the application. ReputUp suggests content based on the categories or areas of interests selected by a user. The Google Cloud powered APIs let users publish superior curated content to their top social sites making it easy to share it with their existing audience and expand to create more connections and followers.
  2. Helps users save time and connect to more people : With Channel settings, ReputUp saves a great deal time for users to keep their social profiles updated in a synchronized manner. As a system of engagement based on Google Cloud Platform, users can categorize content as per their interests and schedule it to be shared with their LinkedIn and Twitter connections.
  3. Helping users establish themselves as thought-leaders : With ReputUp, users get fair chance to engage with their communities, come up with ideas, provide innovative ideas to increase their social ties. The functionality of ReputUp has been turning out to be their ultimate power to deliver relevant messaging along with their unique, diverse opinions on a variety of relevant topics.

ReputUp is now the power to capturing insights from outside sources, building thought leadership, and establishing trust by sourcing best content in a specific area. The Google Cloud powered solution has been helping users increase the quantity and quality of their content pipeline and ultimately improving web traffic and social ties.

What lies ahead? More relevant content on more channels. Everyday ReputUp is sparking more engagement and helping more users up their social game. The growth will continue.

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