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DOORS 9.7 & ELM Webinar Series

Episode 1

DOORS 9.7 Introduction and new features
DOORS 9.7 has arrived, find out more here

Learn how DOORS is now a full member of the JAZZ suite from IBM and what the new release brings in terms of functionality like the contribution to global configurations. Furthermore, a chance to hear what else is coming for DOORS in the near future

Date: 29-10-2019
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy
Speaker: Richard Watson

Episode 2

DOORS 9.7 Improves requirements with AI

Learn about IBM’s latest offering and how AI is improving requirements quality as they are being written. We will show you how DOORS 9.7 can now make use of the requirements quality assistant and discuss how Watson has been pre-trained using the INCOSE requirement guidelines.

Date: 12-11-2019
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy
Speaker: Mark Best

Episode 3

DOORS 9.7 working with test management

With recent improvements in DOORS 9.7, learn how it’s now easier than ever to bolt on IBMs Test Management solution to get complete traceability within the V Model associated with Systems Engineering. We will cover test plans, automating tests and documenting results and raising defects / changes as a result

Date: 26-11-2019
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy
Speaker: Matt Bradshaw

Episode 4

DOORS 9.7 working with a change control process

Increase the level of rigor and control by implementing a change management process around your requirements documentation. Make use of IBM’s Engineering Workflow Management to give confidence in your requirements as they evolve.

Date: 10-12-2019
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy
Speaker: Matt Bradshaw

Episode 5

DOORS 9.7 leveraging data to gain engineering insights across the lifecycle

We talk about how you can utilize data across the engineering lifecycle to generate compliance reports and visualize your web of traceability using IBM’s powerful analytics capabilities. This enhances capabilities to undertake impact assessments and perform gap analysis.

Date: 14-01-2020
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy
Speaker: Bill Jones

Episode 6

DOORS 9.7 helping data interchange with suppliers and customers

ReqIF(Requirements Interchange Format) is a file format that can be used to exchange requirements, along with its associated metadata, between software tools from different vendors. Although developed in the automotive industry, ReqIF is suitable for lossless exchange of requirements in any industry. This session considers the use of ReqIF for interchange of data and how PSL have various utilities to improve the exchange.

Date: 28-01-2020
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy
Speaker: Ian Compton

Episode 7

DOORS 9.7 Data Migrations

The migration of data from DOORS to IBM DOORS Next unlocks the full power and features of ELM. This session covers our tooling and methodology we have created to enable this migration, and to overcome the challenges of differences between the two tools, in particular in the type system data models.

Date: 11-02-2020
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy
Speaker: Ian Compton

Other Topics

Demonstrating Compliance in the Medical/Pharma/Life
Sciences Industries using IBM ELM

Engineering medical devices is not an easy job. These devices include an increasing amount of software that integrates with hardware and electronics. To produce medical devices that meet changing healthcare needs and standards, see how the IBM ELM toolset can provide a controlled and collaborative environment to meet the demands of the medical device industry.

Date: 21-11-2019
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy
Speaker: Kerim / Kim (IBM)


Mark Best

An experienced Pre-Sales Solution Architect with a proven track record of aiding clients to design, build and validate complex products utilising Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools and the Internet of Things (IoT) across a number of industry sectors. Mark is heavily experienced in the Requirements Management area using DOORS and more recently DOORS Next

Matt Bradshaw

Matt Bradshaw joined Persistent Systems as a solution architect at the start of 2018 to help grow customer engagement in the UK for Persistent. He is engaging with clients and leveraging Persistent’s deep technical expertise to provide tailored solutions for clients as well as helping them improve efficiency and control in areas like requirements, planning, code management and testing. Prior to this he spent 7 years in the IBM Rational brand working directly with clients in across a range of industries such as automotive, aerospace and defence, energy & utilities, insurance and finance.

Richard Watson

Richard is the product manager for IBM DOORS family and plays a key role in contributing to the strategy of IBMs Requirements Definition and Management products.
Based in the UK, Richard has been working in the systems and software industry for nearly 30 years and has been directly involved with all aspects of development from testing the Boeing 777 flight systems through to software development of database and software design tools. Richard joined Telelogic as a modelling and test consultant in October 1998 and quickly moved into business development and then Product Management for automated test products. Richard joined the product management team for IBM Rational DOORS in 2001 and is now overall responsible for Product Management for the IBM DOORS family.

Ian Compton

Ian Compton is a solution architect at Persistent Systems, advising companies on best usage of the ELM solution, particularly in the areas of requirements management and configuration management with global configurations. Previously he has had 15 years experience working in system test, initially with DOORS, and latterly the entire ELM solution, including using the solution to test it.

Kerim Cakmak

Kerim works as the World wide electronics industry subject matter expert for the IBM Engineering Solutions. His current focus is on adhering to regulations on medical device development and life sciences industries. He is responsible for supporting the IBM Engineering Solutions both from technical and sales points of view, via delivering proof of technology, proof of concept, and other customized workshops especially for the industry, as well as running business value assessment and executive value proposition workshops.

Kerim has 15+ years of experience in Change and Configuration Management, Requirements Management, Quality and Test Managment practices and Model Based Systems Engineering applications for different industries like electronics, medical devices, aerospace and defence and automotive. Kerim holds a PhD degree in High Energy and Particle Physics, he is a member of board of directors in the INCOSE Turkey Chapter and holds OMG (Object Management Group) OCSMP (OMG Certified System Modelling Professional) Model User and Model Builder – Fundamental certifications.


Kim Cobb

As the global Industry Sales Leader for Watson IoT Engineering Lifecycle Management solutions, Kim drives the industry go to market strategy to achieve and exceed business unit growth for the Engineering Lifecycle Management suite of solutions as well as leading a high performing team of industry and solution experts within the business unit.

Kim has over 20 years experience in engineering business critical systems and software within highly regulated industries such as Automotive, A&D, Electronics, Medical Device and Public Sector. Kim’s expertise is in establishing innovative and agile business and technical development strategies, merging IoT and AI into complex connected products and critical systems, while maintaining compliance to rapidly evolving industry standards and regulations.

As an advisor with deep industry and engineering experience, Kim guides IBM clients in assessing and transforming business and development strategies to support new industry models, addressing shifting market demands and deriving new business value from key initiatives.

bill jones

Bill Jones

Bill Jones is a Senior Technical Staff Member at Persistent Systems and works in Technical Sales specializing in RELM, Reporting and PLM integrations. Bill joined Persistent in April 2016 as part of the IBM partnership and has been involved with development of Rational product development for 20 years. Bill is a subject matter expert in Enterprise Lifecycle Management, Systems and Software Engineering, IBM Engineering Insights, Jazz Reporting and Data Warehousing, ALM-PLM integration, OSLC Integration and Internet of Things.


Karl Mulcahy

Karl is the UK Sales Director at Persistent Systems dedicated to client success using the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Solutions. As an ex IBMer of 7 years (coming from the Rational Brand) Karl has worked across industries to help transform and establish efficient development processes using the IBM technology. His recent move to Persistent was a natural extension to his IBM career by connecting users to the development team at Persistent for product roadmaps, feature requests etc. Persistent develops the Engineering Lifecycle Management solution (Including DOORS) on behalf of IBM and in a great place to help maximise existing investments with Persistents expertise and unique IP in this space.

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