Artificial Intelligence (AI): Past, present, and future

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AI has been around for years, but the combination of faster processing capacity, data, and customer demand has led to AI becoming ubiquitous. AI is now a pervasive trend that is simplifying and bringing in efficiencies across diverse areas from marketing, operations, finance, healthcare to enriching our daily lives. Innovations in AI can give the impression of appearing out of thin air, but often engineers and researchers have been laboring over it for years before the timing is right and advancements are made.

In this riveting talk Dr. C. Mohan, Shaw Visiting Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and former IBM India Chief Scientist explores key historical milestones in AI and discusses current areas of research across academia and industry. Together with Sameer Dixit, Senior Vice President, Engineering Data and Integration at Persistent Systems, this talk delves into the future of AI and what’s in store for us as adoption continues to grow. Watch this talk to understand the impact of one of the most influential innovations in human history.


Dr. C. Mohan

Shaw Visiting Professor,
National University of Singapore (NUS),
& former IBM India Chief Scientist

Sameer Dixit, General Manager, Data Analytics & AI/ML, Persistent

Sameer Dixit

Senior Vice President,
Engineering Data and Integration,
Persistent Systems

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