Demystifying Application Modernization

Demystifying application modernization

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Companies around the world are undertaking digital transformation journeys and application modernization is at the core of a successful transformation. There are a lot of benefits and just as many myths around this topic. It turns out that modernization doesn’t have to be complex or painful and our experts have the latest details on how you can push the easy button on modernizing your applications. Join this fireside chat between Persistent and DataStax where we talk about:

  • Application modernization without the need for a total rewrite
  • How to make the modernization process less expensive and time consuming
  • Overcoming the skills gap

Webinar Recording: Demystifying Application Modernization


Nitin Shrivastava

Nitish Shrivastava

VP & Head of Accelerite at Persistent

Patrick Callaghan

Patrick Callaghan

Partner CTO at DataStax

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