Enriching financial services by building fertile banking ecosystems

Enriching financial services by building fertile banking ecosystems

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With the emergence of new instant payment systems and payment initiatives we see new ecosystems emerging, and as a result, both traditional financial institutions and non-financial firms are being pressed to consider their place in this new environment.

This new context demands agility of traditional FIs’ legacy systems which proves a challenge in and of itself. In efforts to avoid ‘big bang’ or ‘rip and replace’ style transitions for core banking structures, banks are leaning on the services offered by fintechs as a workaround to the new demands being made of them.

Though it is clear banks will continue wrestling with the need to transform their business digitally, there is consensus that avoiding the cloud is not an option. The pace and key objectives of this strategy may shape this path, alongside a recognition that while change may involve risk, the risk of failing to innovate and transition appropriately may be even greater.

Watch the Finextra webinar, in association with Persistent and AWS, to know the perspective of the industry expert panel on the following areas:

  • How have new initiatives and contextual pressures reshaped the structure of banking services?
  • How should technology providers or systems integrators help to facilitate the development of new instant ecosystems?
  • How should FIs balance a risk-averse mentality with the progressive, partnership-driven approach taken by fintechs?
  • Has cloud become a non-negotiable for digital transformation?
  • How can FIs know they are launching their strategy at the right time?


Gary Wright


Head of Research, Finextra

Bipin Sahni, Chief Strategy Officer at Persistent Systems

Bipin Sahni

Chief Strategy Officer, Persistent Systems

Joseph Seibert

Managing Group Director, SVP of Digital Asset Banking, Signature Bank

Jason Maude

Chief Technology Advocate, Starling Bank

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