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IBM Product Master- Learn How to Manage Product Data Across All Channels

Persistent has successfully applied IBM solutions to help businesses, with a wide product portfolio, to meet the increasing demand for a reliable and superior digital customer experience. To improve the customer experience on its growing e-commerce channel, NI implemented Product MDM (based on IBM Product Master) to provide an accurate and rich product data on NI. Product MDM serves as a single source of truth for enterprise product data across all NI’s enterprise systems including pre-sales, e-commerce, manufacturing, support, finance and analytics.

Some of the business benefits NI received include:

  • Significant reduction in bounce rates by improving the digital customer experience for all product lines — systems, software, hardware and services.
  • Increased conversion by enabling customers to find the right products for their needs.
  • Offering a consistent, high-quality customer experience across all channels.
  • Consistent vocabulary for products driving efficiency in internal processes.

In this on-demand webinar learn how NI (National Instruments) succeeded to manage product data across all channels using IBM Product Master

Webinar Recording : Learn how to manage Product Data across all channels


Abhishek Agrawal

Senior IT Manager,
National Instruments

Abhishek is a Senior IT manager at NI. He has 20 years of experience in IT industry in various roles including developer, architect, project manager and delivery manager.

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Anup Gandhi

Anup Gandhi

Chief Architect and Offering Manager, Persistent Systems

Anup is the Chief Architect and Offering Manager for the IBM Product Master offering. He is responsible for driving the feature as well as technology roadmap of the product…

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