2021 Identity and Security Trends

2021 Identity and security trends

How to Prepare for the Year Ahead.

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The pandemic shifted digital progress into overdrive. Cloud migration accelerated as millions of workers went remote overnight. And we learned of new data breaches and cyber-attacks occurring on an almost daily basis.

Experts agree that these trends will not only continue in 2021 but are likely to increase as remote work persists and the identity perimeter continues to evolve. 60% of companies have already experienced a cyber-attack during the pandemic, yet 42% of them say that they aren’t prepared to defend an increasingly distributed workforce¹. Don’t be one of them.

Watch this on-demand webinar as we explore what’s on the horizon in the New Year — and learn ways your company can get ahead with identity best practices, modern cloud identity solutions, and practical advice to reduce security risks.

Topics of discussion will include how to:

  • Reduce vulnerabilities associated with remote working
  • Navigate evolving data privacy regulations around the globe
  • Identify overlooked issues due to expanding SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS
  • Adopt data-driven automation for critical identity management processes
  • Pivot away from multiple PAM & IGA tools to support modern cloud workloads

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Yash Prakash

Chief Strategy Officer, Saviynt

Anshuman Goswami

Global Business Partner - Security Services, Persistent Systems

Vanessa Gale

Head of Identity, Origin Energy

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2021 Identity and Security Trends
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