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Salesforce – CHI Webinar on Embracing Telehealth

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  • CHI webinar salesforce
  • CHI webinar salesforce

As we continue to move towards a new normal, the healthcare ecosystem is thinking differently about its care delivery approach. Government and commercial payors are relaxing reimbursement rules to encourage the use of telehealth and virtual care enabling providers the opportunity to embrace digital health like never before. Learn how Persistent Systems and Salesforce are working with healthcare systems to realign and reinforce to deliver care remotely. We will address how the pandemic has spurred action to address the fundamental changes and discuss approaches for virtual care.

View this webinar recording to discover how to:

  • Realign for digital patient engagement, virtual care using processes, technology, and tools
  • Reinforce new care delivery modalities by embracing digital


Vinod Parale | Persistent Systems Events

Vinod Parale

Associate Vice President, Healthcare Life Sciences, Persistent Systems

Vinod Parale is the Healthcare and Life Sciences Leader for Persistent Systems. As the Growth and Solutions leader for HLS, his team is responsible for the development of digital…

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Sindhu Pandit

MD, MBA, Physician & GTM Leader, HLS, Salesforce

Sindhu Pandit, MD, MBA is a clinical advisor on the Healthcare and Life Sciences team at Salesforce. She is a board-certified physician in Physical Medicine…

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