Hub Services
for Specialty Pharma

Salesforce Hub Services Demonstration for Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Built on Salesforce Health Cloud, Persistent’s Hub Services for Specialty Pharmaceuticals boosts efficiency by connecting several key areas of business and providing a complete view that allows for an end-to-end patient experience. Everything from supply chain and manufacturing to patient services, Persistent carefully crafted this solution to streamline systems and processes, resulting in faster go-to-market and overall cost savings.

  • Social channel listening
  • Therapy community
  • Comment-to-case Integration
  • Automated business rules for verification and communication
  • Features for multi-drug verification
  • Pre-authorization templates and processes
  • Nurse concierge enrollment
  • Community and Companion App
  • Drug adherence protocol
  • Patient 360 view with interactions
  • Boost enrollment numbers by at least 20% with better orchestration
  • Eliminate processing paperwork
  • Reduce turnaround time for Benefit Verification from weeks to days
  • Eliminate human error with automation
  • Automate pre-authorization, reduce rejection rates
  • Improve refill requests and communication, resulting in better patient outcomes
  • Better drug adherence

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    You can also email us directly at