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Implement Identity platforms 2x Faster using Unity framework

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The evolution of Identity and Access Management (IAM) started on-premises with administration, authentication, authorization, and auditing, soon to be followed with APIs becoming available driven by the need to meet emerging hybrid requirements on-premises, cloud, and even multi-cloud environments.

Inevitably, every organization with digital security and governance requirements will go through iterations of IAM and IGA system modernization efforts. Persistent Systems’ Unity provides the necessary migration framework to facilitate an IGA modernization transition.

In this report, you will learn from Richard Hill, Senior Kuppingercole Analyst, on how the Unity IGA framework generates actionable insights and facilitates automation for legacy IGA migration to a next-generation IGA solution.

Unity has helped many clients save up to 50% time, cost, and efforts for migrating legacy identity governance platforms to modern solutions.

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