Strengthen your subscription business model with Persistent Data Foundry

In the current era, subscription business model is gaining a lot of popularity. Subscription business aims at continuous revenue generation by retaining customers and on acquiring new customers for business growth. Hence, it is a very powerful business model. However, to fully leverage subscription model, enterprises need an effective data driven system.

We have implemented Subscription data model and end-end data pipeline on top of Persistent Data foundry which helps you to quickly onboard your subscription data from source systems and proactively take actions based on data insights. Persistent Data Foundry is a Managed Enterprise Cloud Data Platform which brings Cloud Analytics Services, Data Ops, Data Governance, Data Security and Cost Management, all under one umbrella.

Watch this demo to understand how to maximize your business benefits from subscription business model using Persistent Data Foundry.

Persistent Data Foundry: A powerful cloud data platform to fast track your analytics journey

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