Terraform Libraries for Microsoft Azure

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Terraform Libraries for Microsoft Azure

At Persistent, we get a lot of requests for deployments on the Microsoft Azure cloud and we have spent significant time implementing Azure architecture with Terraform. We have found that Terraform mostly covers all the bases with Azure infrastructure. What is often missing is any real-world example that conveys what the parameters for an Azure resource mean and their syntax.

As a team, we created a Terraform-AzureRM module library for Azure that can either be used as-is or can be analyzed and studied to learn how to use the Azure Resource Manager. We open sourced the library that we use for real production infrastructure on GitHub. We have made a sharp division and created modules that are generic deployments of infrastructure that we intend to use over and over. Unlike a lot of other examples that we have stumbled across, our modules are designed for production use – we write to logs wherever possible and we enable as many security checkmarks as possible.

We have put together this eBook to help you understand how you can use our Terraform-AzureRM library on GitHub to quickly spin up new Azure deployments. We hope that you enjoy reading the eBook and that Terraform-AzureRM is as useful to you as it is to us.

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You can also email us directly at info@persistent.com.

You can also email us directly at info@persistent.com