ExtenSURE — A framework for Intelligent Product Sustenance Engineering in the Digital Age

Old systems don’t easily solve new problems. Yet, today we see hundreds of thousands of customers using an extensive portfolio of legacy products while expecting new-age user experiences and a steady improvement in scalability, security, and reliability.

Persistent’s ExtenSURE, a first of its kind framework in the software industry, leverages our Software 4.0 methodology in addressing the age-old problem of product sustenance. It takes a data-driven approach to product transition and transformation, giving software companies, actionable insights they require to extend the life of their legacy products.

Our 30 years of leadership in software product engineering and an excellent track record of working with the world’s leading software product companies allows us to leverage Software 4.0 — our signature execution methodology, that combines the power of design thinking, hackathons, continuous engineering, and agile to build next-generation software products.