The modern data landscape has a staggering amount of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data streaming in from a wide variety of sources such as mobile devices, medical devices, and wearables. Traditional Data Warehouses (DWH) with their siloed approach are unable to quickly tap into new sources of data to derive insights. Businesses are realizing that for them to be agile and competitive moving to a cloud based DWH is not a choice but a necessity.

However, migrating to a cloud-based data platform is quite challenging. How do you choose the right cloud platform from countless options? Should you adopt a lift-and-shift migration strategy, or do you need a complete rewrite? How do you ensure that the new platform integrates well with your existing setup? Companies end up spending most of their time grappling with these underlying complexities and don’t see business outcomes fast enough. The process is full of risks because even after choosing the right cloud platform, companies realize that they have only been able to migrate a small percentage of their workloads to the cloud successfully.

Our latest whitepaper with IDG explains how it is indeed possible to accelerate the modernization and migration of your data stack to the cloud. Read the whitepaper to learn how you can start seeing data-driven outcomes within weeks along with TCO visibility and cost control all through the journey.