AI is nothing new. What’s different now is the ability to literally put AI into the hands of non-technical businesspeople and consumers through the use of Generative AI. This type of AI has the remarkable ability to leverage Foundation Models (also known as Base Models) and produce code, text, images and other media that are virtually indistinguishable from those created by humans.

AI is now easier to use, and this democratization of AI will change the way we think about and use AI forever.

At Persistent, we started dedicating resources and investments toward developing Generative AI solutions last year. As a $1 billion leader in Digital Engineering with expertise in Software Engineering and Digital Transformation, we are uniquely positioned to understand the market and the technology to develop Generative AI solutions and offerings to power businesses.

Read our white paper to learn about key Generative AI trends, use cases and recommendations on how you can begin your GenAI journey with Persistent.