You are committed to transforming your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring process by investing in Industrial IoT (IIoT). Yet, poorly implemented OEE transformation projects lead to many risks, including:

  • Incorrect and fluctuating OEE results
  • Missing key events and data points
  • Lack of actionable insights for OEE improvement

This could mean wasted investment and resources leading to failed initiatives.

Persistent Systems has executed hundreds of OEE and IIoT projects in the manufacturing vertical. Learn from our experts to understand how you should implement your IIoT based OEE monitoring transformation.

Read this paper to understand:
  • Challenges with traditional OEE monitoring system and why IIoT-based OEE monitoring is a game changer
  • Identify key obstacles in rolling out your OEE system transformation
  • How a data driven approach can make best use of AI/ML capabilities
  • Other best practices towards increasing your plants OEE