Ransomware attacks continue to grow in frequency, complexity, and sophistication; for most organizations, a ransomware attack is an inevitability. To combat this rising threat, businesses must take a proactive approach to their recovery strategy or face financial and reputational damage.

Persistent surveyed 100 IT and security leaders on the Gartner Peer Insights platform who are involved in cybersecurity remediation planning to find out how they approach ransomware recovery.

Survey Insight

Tech leaders prioritized recovery over prevention when it comes to ransomware strategy. 71% agreed that no matter how careful they are, they know they’ll be attacked so having a plan and solution in place to recover is critical.

Survey Question

Which statement do you identify with the most regarding cyber-attack prevention vs cyber-attack recovery?


Survey Insight

Leaders are taking a multi-layered approach when it comes to their recovery strategies. Detailed written plans for cyber recovery (86%), isolated recovery environments (73%) and disaster recovery products (61%) are the most popular components.

Survey Question

Which of the following are the most significant components of your strategy for recovering from a ransomware attack?


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