Ransomware attacks continue to evolve with new types of ransomware that leverage new methods to circumvent existing security controls. Traditional Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are no longer an effective line of defense to ensure a complete ransomware data recovery after a cyberattack. It is no longer a question of if your organization will need to deal with a cyber-attack but when. Maintaining operations in the face of attacks requires a cyber recovery service to ensure rapid restoration of business continuity with minimal critical data loss. 

Persistent’s PiCR is more than just a disaster recovery solution. It is a reliable ransomware recovery solution. Using customized process development, cutting-edge technologies, and the Google Cloud Platform, PiCR is a holistic cyber resiliency solution. With PiCR, your organization creates an environment for secure recovery by leveraging network isolation, immutable storage, and Intelligent analysis and detection. This combination helps your business quickly and seamlessly recover from impending attacks without becoming re-infected by persistent malware in backup images.