Incorporating digital transformation, modernization, and governance initiatives is now at the front and center of modern businesses.

This interest is not surprising given the uncertain business climate, continuously changing customer behavior, internal workforce re-alignment, a need to reduce operational overheads, and improving time to market for a new product or service.

Enterprises embarking on digital transformation are realizing that changes concerning customer demand, demand and supply chain alignment, internal corporate environment, and external business landscape are evolving faster than ideas are becoming products.

Digital transformation can have different meanings depending on the type of users or organization; however, one common thread is the significantly reduced time gap from ideation to adoption of new technology, which has shifted from years to months to now weeks.

Intelligent Business Automation (IBA) is a powerful lever in supporting digital transformation, leveraging multiple solutions and technologies. And selecting the appropriate automation platform can help simplify the process by leaps and bounds.

The selection process requires detailed analysis and due diligence as many platforms offer similar features but differ in subtle ways that make a difference. So how does one identify the right Intelligent Automation platform for their digital transformation journey?

Explore the various facets in selecting the appropriate Intelligent Automation platform in our whitepaper.