More than 70% of business who own Legacy IGA are looking to move away, and 7 out of 10 such modernization projects fail to meet targets set at the start.

Businesses must manage identity & access without inhibiting business agility, compromising the user experience, or violating compliance requirements – and they need to do so as cost effectively as possible.

Check out this content to see

  • The business drivers for IGA Modernization
  • Future trends
  • Next generation IGA capabilities
  • Best Practices to modernize Legacy IGA

Maximize –

  • 2x speed of IGA Modernization
  • Rich user experience
  • Audit and Compliance for modern requirements
  • High employee productivity

Minimize –

  • Likelihood of breach by 75%
  • 25-30% less TCO in five years
  • Modernization timeline & cost by 50% – 60%
  • Business latency