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As more people consume network bandwidth on their phones, the use of networks has exploded. Today, mobile operators collect vast amounts of aggregate information on customers including locations, destinations, browsing and call history.

All that information can be monetized and turned into products for its customers, and Empirix Inc., a leader in end-to-end network performance monitoring and analytics, helps mobile phone operators do that through data analytics. Empirix delivers end-to-end, real-time visibility of users’ and networks’ behaviors.

Working with global technology and services leader Persistent Systems, Empirix is now able to deliver products to market more quickly through automation. Empirix took its monitoring application and decomposed it into smaller units, called micro services, which can be easily deployed into IT environments and scaled up. It cut its final test time from over six weeks to under three weeks – a 50% reduction – and plans to reduce that time further to just one week.

Vince Fortin, SVP engineering at Empirix

“Our goal at Empirix is to scale our applications as networks scale. Companies like Cisco have to decompose their software into components that run independently on servers that can scale as network bandwidth increases, so we have to play in that space. We must be able to monitor these new architectures and be able to scale up and down as we monitor these solutions.”

“Working with Persistent, we’ve been able to do something that I’ve never been able to do in my career which is a change request process. Our customers need custom features for their deployment, but we can’t overturn our entire roadmap to develop customized features. With the help of Persistent, who understands our technology at a fundamental level, we are able to create custom solutions which we can then roll into our standard product. It creates a multi-million-dollar business which we would not be able to touch otherwise.”

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Sandeep Kalra, Executive Director & President-Technology Services at Persistent Systems

“Like more and more companies, Empirix operates in a market with constant and rapid change. Keeping up with that change requires an incredibly agile approach. Helping organizations build out highly customized product offerings quickly is what Persistent does better than anyone. Enabling Empirix to cut delivery time to market from six to three weeks, while addressing an ever-changing market is a true demonstration of our value.”

Software 4.0

Digital is being software-driven in business. One-time digital fixes don’t stay current for long. Software-driven transformations must be continuous to keep up with new and emerging technologies waves. Software 4.0 is about mastering the “How” of a software-driven business and inspires how Persistent works with customers on their digital transformation programs.

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