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Randori is one of the best Attack Surface Management (ASM) solutions that provides continuous discovery, analysis, remediation, and monitoring of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors that make up an organization’s attack surface. We enable you to build red teaming capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a traditional red team. In the current environment of rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats, offensive security is the best way to stay ahead of bad actors. We help you build a best-in-class offensive security program through a combination of Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Automated Red Teaming.

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of Security Leaders Say Red Teaming is the Best Practice for Risk Assessment & Reduction


of organizations have experienced an attack due to an unknown asset (Shadow IT)


of assets are unknown or unmanaged to an organization due to rapid transformation

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Asset discovery

Asset discovery automatically and continuously scans for and identifies internet-facing hardware, software, and cloud assets that could act as entry points for a hacker or cybercriminal trying to attack an organization.

Classification, analysis and prioritization

Once assets are identified, they are classified, analyzed for vulnerabilities, and prioritized by ‘attack ability‘—essentially an objective measure of how likely hackers are to target them.


Applying appropriate security controls to the asset in question and bringing previously unknown assets under control


Continuous monitoring to detect and assess new vulnerabilities and attack vectors in real- time, and alert security teams to any new vulnerabilities that need immediate attention.

Discovering your attack surface

Eliminate Shadow IT
Eliminate Shadow IT

Reduce blind spots by identifying externally exposed on-premises or cloud assets

Understand your Shadow Risk
Understand your Shadow Risk

Make informed decisions about the risk by gaining insights

Prioritize your Risk
Prioritize your Risk

Discover the real-world attach patterns and techniques that are more likely to be exploited


  • Black Box Discovery: Using this approach, you can identify your exposed enterprise assets with high fidelity and low impact, minimizing false positives and keeping your signal-to-noise ratio low.
  • Discovery Path: By showing the location of newly identified assets on the perimeter, newly identified assets can be acted upon without further research.
  • Target Temptation: By prioritizing your enterprise’s targets with our model, you can determine the impact and risk quickly.
  • Categorical Guidance: Utilize adversarial insights to implement remediation best practices across your infrastructure.
  • Integrations Marketplace: With Randori’s integration Marketplace, you can create optimized bi-directional integrations in minutes

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Unparalleled Experience

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Comprehensive Security Support

500+ professionals working on IBM Security Products. Our experts share insightful perspectives and optimal strategies for handling cybersecurity.

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Global Expertise

We have a global team of experts to remediate the issues found as well.

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