eKYC – Blockchain Based KYC Software

An out-of-the-box accelerator that automates customer identification and verification

The out-of-the-box e-KYC accelerator from OutSystems allows you to quickly configure and automate your KYC processes. The rule-based KYC modules built on microservices architecture enables quick integration with external KYC data providers and facilitates complete e-KYC, so your customers can carry out the KYC process in the comfort of their homes. Easy configuration and low maintenance combined with high levels of data security makes the solution highly dependable and effective.

Following are a few highlights of the e-KYC accelerator from OutSystems:

  • Out-of-the-box List Screening connector
  • Easy to manage business rules without the need for coding. Also includes business rules driven workflows for necessary approvals and task allocations
  • Microservices enabled plug-n-play architecture and pre-built API connectors for easy integration with backend systems and 3rd party applications
  • Functionally designed for the US market
  • Simplified and intuitive UI for easy access to various functionalities of the system

Completely automate your e-KYC process to improve customer satisfaction while simultaneously increasing your compliance. Contact us today or download the eKYC brochure for more details.

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