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Proprietary Solutions

Leverage automation to unleash efficiency and creativity across your business.

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Orchestrate your business processes to eliminate inefficiencies, tap into synergies and scale effortlessly.

Leverage the Salesforce Platform to build proprietary software solutions that bring you closer to your digital transformation goals, and unlock innovation and RoI.

Salesforce partner Persistent can tap into over 18 years of experience across industries, to help you identify challenges unique to your business and create a proprietary management system that empowers employees to act quickly and creatively.

Automate routine tasks, remove ecosystem-wide silos, and improve processes on the go to maximize operational efficiencies and business agility.

With daily operations requiring minimal oversight, your employees can focus on product and process innovation, business development, and customer and stakeholder engagement.

You can use Salesforce Platform to:

  • Easily build highly customized solutions with low-code
  • Accelerate GTM for new initiatives
  • Ensure data security and regulatory compliance
  • Unleash co-operation and innovation
  • Deepen stakeholder engagement
  • Create a culture of process improvement
  • Create on-brand, seamless shopping experiences

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    You can also email us directly at