Technology Adoption Program (TAP) for Salesforce Implementation

Dreamforce 2022
Dreamforce 2022

If your organization has undergone a Salesforce implementation, chances are you’ve experienced everything from project delays to not fully understanding what your Salesforce instance has to offer. This is where Persistent Technology Adoption Program (TAP) can come to your rescue.

TAP ensures that you get the most of your Salesforce investment. Let Persistent’s Salesforce Experts help you identify untapped opportunities to deliver exceptional customer experience. With TAP, you can discover various ways in which you can use Salesforce to unlock business growth.

Our TAP framework is built around 3 major areas:
  1. Innovation Box

    Persistent’s Innovation Box is a Salesforce Org application that allows subject matter experts (SMEs), business analysts (BAs), developers, and architects to share innovative ideas and explore different ways of optimizing the Salesforce experience. This is the first and the most critical step in your technology adoption journey.

  2. Health Check Assessment

    To truly optimize the Salesforce technology, it’s important to ensure that the Salesforce instance is functioning at an optimal level. Senior Technical and Functional Consultants assess the implementation and review ideas in the Innovation Box. The assessment is based on meticulously prepared Functional and Technical checklists.

  3. TAP Workshop

    The TAP workshop takes the Health Check Assessment a step further, bringing in additional support to find feasible solutions that can deliver significant business value.

    Most implementation partners strive to deliver a project on time and within budget, rarely making efforts to ensure that the business gets the full value of their Salesforce instance. Persistent’s Salesforce Experts unleash the full potential of Salesforce to create unprecedented value, identifying areas of improvement and helping businesses realize their full capabilities.

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