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Requirements Management
Webinar Series

Episode 1

Requirements Management Overview

An introduction to our Webinar Series and understanding why Requirements Management is critical to project success. We will talk about why a robust Requirements Management system can help reduce rework, costs and improve quality / time to market.

Offerings: DOORSNG, Mentioning RQA / CLM
Speaker: Mark Best
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy

Episode 2

Bringing AI into the Requirements

Learn about IBM’s latest offering and how AI is improving requirements as they are being written. We will talk about how Watson has been pre-trained using INCOSE guidelines for writing requirements and where IBM are going with AI in the development lifecycle.

Offerings: DOORSNG / RQA
Speaker: Matt Bradshaw
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy

Episode 3

Managing Variants

With so many products sharing requirements, learn how Variants are managed within the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management solution and how streams can be created for different products sharing the same set of core requirements.

Offerings: DNG / RQM
Speaker: Matt Bradshaw
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy

Episode 4

Industry Compliance

Understand how clients across industries are using the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management solution to adhere to various regulations such as ISO 26262 or ASPICE and show live traceability / reports to make audits easy to prepare for.

Offerings: CLM, Reporting, RELM
Speaker: Matt Bradshaw
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy

Episode 5

Delivering Client Requirements

Following on from previous webinars on the importance of Requirements, we discuss how these requirements can be implemented with work flows, user stories and workload distribution to get a real-time view of project process and how these implement requirements defined and baselined.

Offerings: RTC
Speaker: Matt Bradshaw
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy

Episode 6

Validating Requirements

Once requirements have been defined and implemented, testing is of paramount importance to prove the product has been built as designed. By using IBMs Engineering Lifecycle Management solution, understand how end to end traceability can be easily created with changes logged and never missed to ensure your product is adequately tested catching defects earlier in the lifecycle.

Date: 17th September | 2:00pm (GMT+1)
Offerings: RQM
Speaker: Matt Bradshaw
Moderator: Karl Mulcahy


Mark Best

An experienced Pre-Sales Solution Architect with a proven track record of aiding clients to design, build and validate complex products utilising Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools and the Internet of Things (IoT) across a number of industry sectors. Mark is heavily experienced in the Requirements Management area using DOORS and more recently DOORS Next.


Matt Bradshaw

Matt Bradshaw joined Persistent Systems as a solution architect at the start of 2018 to help grow customer engagement in the UK for Persistent. He is engaging with clients and leveraging Persistent’s deep technical expertise to provide tailored solutions for clients as well as helping them improve efficiency and control in areas like requirements, planning, code management and testing. Prior to this he spent 7 years in the IBM Rational brand working directly with clients in across a range of industries such as automotive, aerospace and defence, energy & utilities, insurance and finance.


Karl Mulcahy

Karl is the UK Sales Director at Persistent Systems dedicated to client success using the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Solutions. As an ex IBMer of 7 years (coming from the Rational Brand) Karl has worked across industries to help transform and establish efficient development processes using the IBM technology. His recent move to Persistent was a natural extension to his IBM career by connecting users to the development team at Persistent for product roadmaps, feature requests etc. Persistent develops the Engineering Lifecycle Management solution (Including DOORS) on behalf of IBM and in a great place to help maximise existing investments with Persistent’s expertise and unique IP in this space.

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