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The Blockchain Landscape

The Bitcoin invention by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, and its subsequent gain in popularity a few years later has highlighted the core computer science invention powering Bitcoin, which is the blockchain. The blockchain technology allows for maintenance of a shared distributed ledger (also known as the blockchain), which can be simultaneously read and modified by all involved parties but is not owned by any party. This can be implemented with absolutely no trust, as in the case of Bitcoin, or limited amount of trust, as in the case of consortium blockchains, where a group based consensus mechanism is used to update the shared ledger. Since then, the sheer power of the blockchain technology has inspired and fueled an entire ecosystem around it, focused on fully unleashing its potential. This area has had exponential growth in the past couple of years, leading to a number of platforms, applications, startups, projects and research around this new invention.

This document focuses on scoping the existing platforms specifically for developing new blockchain-based applications. It also discusses some use cases that can be built using the platforms in the areas of e-governance, healthcare and payments.

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