Christopher O’Connor

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

It is my privilege to take a minute and connect with all of you via the Annual Report. The year ahead promises to be one of the most important that Persistent has had in years. The entire Industry is accelerating to derive more value for their business from the technology investments that they are making.

It is important to note that all of us at Persistent are extremely proud to be here. As a client of Persistent, I have always admired the dedication, ethics, and strength of character that the Persistent team exhibited in any work I did with them. I’ve known Anand for over ten years; during that time I’ve called him a vendor, an investor, a partner, and for the last several years I’ve called him my friend. During the time I was at IBM, Anand and I swapped ideas, experimented with new business models, told stories, held discussions on our life’s journey, and marveled at the speed of change at which businesses use technology differently every year. To join Persistent with Anand, utilize him as a mentor while nurturing new thoughts is second to my children, one of my life’s greatest accomplishments.

Every year the market takes bold steps. Enterprises now have enough digital parts from software vendors that they can attack the next stage of digital IT transformation. Everyone has tried pure cloud projects where they take new business needs and use new technical digital tools to address those. While all these cloud projects are important and, at times, noisy in the market, one should understand that the vast majority of work in nearly all enterprises lays in front of them. These enterprises live in the world of hybrid. Years of investments made on premises need to now connect their processes in business-to-business and business-to-client digital scenarios. Software vendors will continue to make the parts of on-premise and digital software. Yet, the enterprise will be left on their own to figure out how to derive the final business value by correctly assembling the parts against what they already have in place. Thus, it’s important to note the field in front of us presents a myriad opportunities. Given our position, we are uniquely capable of tackling these opportunities.

Our road ahead is about using all our tools to our advantage and driving a unique Persistent differentiation in the market. We are keenly poised to add value around all of our partners and the market is demanding the differentiation. It is no longer sufficient to be good at projects, or to have great technology people, or to understand technology elements better than most. The world of our clients today wants to take all the individual advancements in technology and to see them applied in a way that make sense for their business. The analogy I’m fond of is: in a tile floor, it’s no longer sufficient to be great at a tile of technology, but you must show the mosaic to the client. Customers are looking at the value added outcome that they will have by putting down the right tiles in the right pattern. We are keenly poised to do that if we drive client value as a theme across our great partnerships, our great software, and, most important, our great people who create the vision for our clients in the market place.

It is fantastic to be a member of the Persistent team, people, and culture. I’ll see you in the market where our customers are, pushing the pace of our teams, and always creating business results for our clients and ourselves, that we can be proud of.

Persistent Systems Annual Report Quotes

Sandeep Kalra

President — Technology Services

Our customers today are looking to leverage digital technologies to enhance the way they engage internal and external customers, achieve operational efficiencies, and bring innovative business models to market. In this process, they are faced with an increasingly complex set of technology choices

Persistent provides the right domain knowledge in chosen verticals, a design-led thinking approach, and Software 4.0 methodology to help evolve a resilient software driven business for our customers. We also bring strong partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Appian, OutSystems, BluePrism, Ping, and other leading technology players to build highly effective digital platforms for our customers. Our customers look at us as a trusted ally, working closely with them as their extended team in their forward-looking journey.

Persistent Systems Annual Report Quotes

Col. Jitendra Gokhale

Veteran, President — Accelerite

According to research, 80% of organizations will embark on competency development initiatives in the field of data literacy by 2020. And just as data is becoming more important, so is protecting that data from the increasing number of security breaches.

Accelerite is developing tools that provide the Enterprise as well as ISVs the ability to gain insights to the data without the need for specialized skills. Accelerite ShareInsights, with a visual designer and no code interface, makes it possible for business users to design data pipelines and run machine learning models to get to the insights they need.

Accelerite’s Sentient family of products secures today’s enterprises and delivers peace of mind to the CIOs and CISOs. Accelerite aims at simplifying security by reducing the friction and costs associated with security.

Persistent Systems Annual Report Quotes

Sameer Bendre

Chief People Officer

Business outcomes and people outcomes are two sides of the same coin. We believe that people outcomes cannot be achieved without breathing life into work. Our theme ‘Life At Persistent’ has evolved over the last year to help employees create harmony so they can pursue their professional and personal interests together without having to compromise one for the other.

As we look ahead, our focus will continue to be on initiatives that align business and individual growth, developing a culture of ownership at all levels and creating a vibrant workplace.

Persistent Systems Annual Report Quotes

Sonali Deshpande

Chairperson — Persistent Foundation

We have completed a decade of commitment in the field of CSR. The impact assessment by an external specialist firm shows that we are on the right track, which further boosts our confidence to go forward with full force. In the future, we are committed to providing better services to our beneficiaries, better opportunities to our partners for capacity building, and better outcomes to our stakeholders through razor sharp focus in project execution across our charter and across all locations.

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