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Persistent moves from ‘Rising Star’ to cross-category ‘Leader’ ISG Provider Lens™ 2020 for Salesforce Ecosystem Partners

The ISG Provider Lens™ 2020 – Salesforce Ecosystem research study analyses the relevant software vendors and service providers in the U.S. market, based on a multi-phased research and analysis process, and positions these providers based on the ISG Research methodology.

The “Salesforce Ecosystem” study examines various offerings around the Salesforce platform. First it analyzes providers who act as implementation partners for Salesforce and design, configure and implement solutions for clients of this platform. Within this group a distinction is made between on one hand those providers that beside their Salesforce related knowledge are also capable of integrating Salesforce based solutions into major system landscapes (system integrators) and on the other hand those providers that are specialized in the implementation of Salesforce itself. Furthermore, the study analyzes providers that offer services to support their customers in the operation of the implemented Salesforce solutions (managed application services).

This segment addresses providers that are highly specialized in Salesforce sales, service and Commerce Cloud and are mainly focused on an agile approach for implementation. An important aspect revolves around consulting on the redesign of processes while using Salesforce applications. These providers tend to be best suited for projects without major integration needs, typically for medium and small size customers.

ISG has found that Persistent Systems has a rather unique focus, with its utilization of Salesforce as an integration platform for a data-oriented system landscape. In addition, we offer powerful accelerators and rich industry expertise with a long-term development partnership with Salesforce.

Persistent Strengths
Implementation approach

Persistent Systems takes a data-oriented implementation approach using Salesforce as an enterprise platform for digital transformation. This strategy is based on a well-defined foundation layer of API and data integration layer, where it offers tools and products that are necessary for consistent data-focused implementation.

Development partnership with Salesforce

For a long time, Persistent Systems has been the product development partner of Salesforce, which enables them to develop sophisticated and customizable solutions based on the Salesforce platform.

Predefined solutions

The company’s portfolio includes a rich set of solutions specifically for the healthcare industry with strong focus on service cloud. The healthcare solutions cover the entire spectrum of patient care, spanning clinic-oriented functionalities to post-treatment activities. With its Engage 360 solution, Persistent Systems provides a powerful tool for customer support and service engagements. This solution enables support and service agents and their supervisors to get a unified, pertinent access to case and customer-relevant information.

Project efficiency by accelerators

Persistent Systems offers accelerators that are usable across industries for improving service delivery and project efficiency, by supporting continuous integration and providing frameworks for deployment and post-deployment configuration.

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