If you’re living in the 21st century, you could not have avoided hearing about IoT, the Internet of Things, or as we like to call it – Intelligent Omnipresent Things! Today, IoT sensors are everywhere – in your car, in electronic appliances, in traffic lights, even probably on the pigeon outside your window (it’s true, it happened in London!). The Internet of Things has pretty much taken over the world – but in a good way – read on to know why.

Choking pollution before it chokes us

IoT sensors will help cities map air quality, identify high-pollution pockets, trigger alerts if pollution levels rise dangerously, while tracking changes over time and taking preventive measures to correct the situation. Finally, you can breathe easy.


What’s worse than hunting for a parking spot during peak hours? Not finding one! But thanks to IoT, connected cars will now communicate seamlessly with IoT sensors and find empty parking spots easily. Sensors in your car will also communicate with your GPS and the manufacturer’s system, making maintenance and driving a breeze!

Bringing back cities from the Dark Side

Traffic snarls, poor infrastructure, dim-lit areas are everybody’s nightmare. But now, city sensors will identify high-traffic areas and regulate traffic flows by updating your GPS with alternate routes. These IoT sensors can also identify and repair broken street lamps – so you can bid goodbye to Dark Nights!

Preventing accidents with a super sense for safety

What do superheroes and IoT technology have in common? The savior mentality! IoT will be our knight in shining, super-strong metallic armor and prevent accidents like floods, fires and even road accidents, by simply monitoring fatigue levels of truck drivers!

IoT sensors

IoT = Preventive Maintenance! Washing machines, refrigerators, air-conditioners will now self-monitor their usage, performance, servicing requirements, while triggering alerts before potential breakdowns and optimizing performance with automatic software updates.

Stay fighting fit

IoT sensors will now help medical professional monitor pulse rates, blood pressure and other vitals more efficiently, while triggering alerts in case of emergencies. Soon, Nano sensors in smart pills will make healthcare super-personalized and 10x more efficient!