Here’s how you can become a hack-star!

PackathonBefore the Hackathon comes the Packathon

The coder with the right gear has nothing to fear, so make sure you pack all essentials, including toiletries, a change of clothes, bedding and of course, your entire tech kit. Nobody’s going to lend you their mouse or keyboard during game time.

A killer product needs a killer teamA killer product needs a killer team

Since you’re going to be holed in with your teammates for over 24 hours, better sharpen those collaboration skills to avoid getting mad at each other when the going gets tough!

And go out of your way to bring out the best in each other – that’s the only way you’ll come up with an eyebrow-raising, crowd-flooring hack.

Take water and food breaksYou are not a camel. Take water and food breaks

You can’t beat the thousand other feverishly-working brains if your brain is out of juice. Fuel up periodically with lots of water (8 glasses at least) and enough food. There are no prizes for fainting, folks.

Free pizza is great, but you’re here to winFree pizza is great, but you’re here to win

Pizza is great to stuff your face with, but not to frame and hang on a wall like a certificate of victory. So don’t take your eyes off the prize!

And if anyone asks, you’re doing it for charity, not only for yourself!

We know you’re dying to build a ready-to-launch inter-galactic spaceship (all bells and whistles included), but stuff like that requires more than a day. A demo showcasing your core idea is good enough to begin with!

Also, test your product on all devices to avoid having an ‘Oh c$#@!’ moment on stage.

Ok, we may not have a talking croc, but we have some equally entertaining activities that you definitely cannot miss. Take time out to go pamper yourself – your laptop (and you) need a break to charge up.

Lastly, if you’re not having FUN, you’ve probably had ‘NUF'Lastly, if you’re not having FUN, you’ve probably had ‘NUF’

You’re not a gladiator engaged in a fight to the death. You’re a tech pioneer in a race to do your best. So lighten up and enjoy the journey!