Advancements in medical science in the last few decades have been tremendous, from the development of faster diagnosis to newer ways to treat and cure diseases, new drugs, minimally invasive surgeries using laparoscopy and robotic arms, and insights from historical data, we have come a long way. Technology innovations have played a big role in this progression. Autonomy is the mantra of where the future is taking us. Today, healthcare has been piloted by providers and caregivers.

This blog talks about different drivers and parameters of the digital surgery ecosystem. Read how the ecosystem backed by technology can integrate insights and predictive analysis from historic data and provide seamless connectivity to health systems.

Explore the various facets digital surgery ecosystem in this blog. At Persistent Systems, we help Health systems, Payer, Pharma, Analytical Instruments & Med Tech companies to bring about these transformations. Our solutions & offerings are already transforming Nextgen care deliveries.