For many executives and IT professionals, the terms “AWS” and “cloud” are nearly synonymous. So it’s not surprising that one of the Spotlight sessions at today’s AWS re:Invent was “Executive Cloud Highlights,” presented by Francessca Vasquez, AWS Vice President, Technology and Customer Solutions. An earlier session with Ms. Vasquez and Shaown Nandi, AWS Director, Technology, focused on Cloud Architecture. Several AWS customers, including Capital One, FINRA, Expedia Group, Nubank, and PagerDuty, shared their experiences and best practices of AWS cloud migration and modernization.

Throughout the first session, Ms. Vasquez stressed that observability and resilience are critical principles in cloud computing. In addition, a smart approach to architecting and managing cloud solutions can yield benefits ranging from greater agility and security to workload optimization and the flexibility to scale without limitation. The appeal is obvious. However, you must note that the cloud is not a magic tool that guarantees success but a proven enabler of resilient architecture if managed properly.

The second session had a “cultural” focus. While summarizing her conversations with AWS customers, in which she had inquired about their experiences with the cloud and cloud culture, Ms. Vasquez recalled that the pace of innovation (with the cloud) is one particular benefit that customers often mention. Cloud culture also enables a relentless focus on people and talent (internally) and the customer (externally).

The right cloud culture makes the organization more data-driven, enhances operations, promotes innovation, improves customer satisfaction, and helps attract and retain key talent – all leading to a distinct competitive advantage.

So, what about our cloud culture at Persistent Systems? Two critical elements of that culture are our approach to technology and our unique methodology. Persistent’s approach to delivering cloud solutions leverages our partnerships with multiple cloud vendors and platforms. No single platform is ideal for all customers – and every solution needs to be customized to address specific customer problems. The cloud offers a vast array of options, enabling cutting-edge solutions across industries. But the real question is, “What is the best technology solution for your business?”

This leads directly to our methodology: Persistent’s goal in every cloud and infrastructure engagement is to understand your needs and goals first and then rapidly create and deliver a multi-cloud strategy for infrastructure modernization and digital workplace solutions – reducing complexity, costs, and operational challenges while modernizing your IT solutions.

Let us share an example of how technology and our customer-focused approach combine to solve a common problem. In planning a cloud migration, your organization may need to sustain its legacy technology stack even as the change-over goes forward. Persistent’s ExtenSURE solution performs a deep-dive into millions of lines of legacy system code, analyzes the codebase, and creates a road map of system dependencies, enabling you to extend the life of your legacy products while ensuring a seamless cloud migration. An intelligent product engineering framework, ExtenSURE is designed to make cloud migration and modernization painless for our customers.

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