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A Salesforce partner since 2003, Persistent has the expertise and experience to support B2B businesses to be brilliant at ecommerce.

In response to growing demand across all sectors, Persistent Systems France has established a team of B2B Commerce and OMS solutions experts.

Curious about working with our team to create a Salesforce B2B Commerce Solution to transform your business digitally?

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B2B ecommerce: an untapped opportunity for all sectors

A recent study by Xerfi[1] revealed that B2B ecommerce currently represents 23% of the activity of French companies with more than ten employees.

This is a startling statistic, given the speed with which consumers switched to online purchasing during the health crisis. The pandemic-proofing shift to ecommerce has significantly reshaped consumer behaviour in the B2C world. Having discovered the convenience of ‘Click & Collect’ and efficient home delivery, consumers are showing few signs of losing their taste for ecommerce.

B2B ecommerce currently represents 23% of the activity of French companies with more than ten employees.        

The slow uptake of B2B ecommerce can be partly attributed to a misconception that it’s simply a substitute for traditional sales. In fact, there are many ways that ecommerce can give B2B companies a sustainable competitive advantage in satisfying and retaining customers. 

Besides increasing sales volumes, B2B ecommerce enhances every tool sales teams use. It can help to:

  • Streamline the placing and processing of orders
  • Respond more rapidly to customer enquiries
  • Make timely targeted appeals to attract new customers

Moreover, the benefits of B2B ecommerce are available to businesses in any sector.

Mistakenly perceived as a mere substitute for ‘traditional’ brick and mortar sales, ecommerce can also contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty while increasing sales volume

Persistent France’s team is 100% dedicated to ecommerce

Consumers of all generations consult the Internet before buying anything. It’s a reflex to reach for their smartphone or computer to find the right item or service.

In response to consumer demand, B2C platforms now offer very engaging and efficient shopping experiences. Consequently, B2B customers are beginning to expect the same levels of convenience and responsiveness.

In 2021, to support B2B businesses to deliver on these expectations, Persistent Systems France recruited an expert team entirely dedicated to B2B ecommerce.

Our team includes sales aces who can boast of more than twenty years of B2C online sales experience. In short, they were excelling in the business of selling online long before B2B ecommerce even existed.

This new team specializes in B2B Commerce, OMS (order management system) and Experience Cloud Solutions offered by Persistent Systems’ long-standing partner Salesforce. They’re already collaborating with European clients to transform their sales performance in France, Germany, UK, and Switzerland.

Salesforce’s B2B ecommerce solution: the benefits

Salesforce’s B2B Commerce solution enables companies in any industry to allow their customers to make purchases and view catalogues online. 

It’s the optimal solution for businesses who want to:

  • capitalise on data collected and organised in the best CRM on the market
  • leverage complementary solutions in its integrated ecosystem
  • shape and enhance customer relationships at every stage

The multiple applications of B2B Commerce extend far beyond the opening of an online store.

B2B Commerce establishes your web store, but that’s just the beginning. Beyond exceeding your customers’ expectations for efficient, engaging online purchasing, this solution also allows you to:

  • Present a dynamic, ergonomic and personalized product catalog
  • Promote new products and services effortlessly to both general and targeted audiences
  • Centralize, share and update the history of orders and exchanges
  • Makes all kinds of information accessible by customers, self-service and in real-time
  • Attract new customers
Rise to the ecommerce challenge

Persistent Systems France’s team of B2B ecommerce experts will design and implement a Salesforce solution for any ecommerce challenges your company faces. 

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