At AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, technology leaders gathered from across the globe to hear Yasser Alsaied, AWS VP of IoT, discuss the latest innovations in IoT and robotics. The potential of IoT to improve operational efficiencies and create new business models is front-of-mind for many organizations. Amazon has deployed IoT technology on a global scale (through AWS), including 200 robotics facilities, 500,000 robotic units, and millions of Alexa units. Meeting the varied challenges of IoT rollouts is a top internal and external priority today.

Alsaied has previously spoken about making security “job zero” in IoT, focusing on customer needs and forming partnerships that extend IoT capabilities and scalability. In this morning’s session, he announced that AWS is introducing 35 new products and four new IoT services. He stressed that no single firm can deliver IoT across all industries and that collaboration is “a must” for bringing IoT to the World. He also pointed out that AWS has a vast network of partners specializing in IoT integration. 

The need for a collaborative approach to delivering IoT solutions is abundantly clear: as Alsaied noted, this year, there will be (in total) more than 14B IoT devices, with the uptake of IoT being driven by the realization that it is a “necessity” today.

McKinsey agrees, forecasting, “By 2030, 95% of all vehicles in service will be connected.” As an example of the IoT trend in the automotive industry, Toyota has partnered with AWS to build the Toyota Connected Mobility Platform. AWS currently supports over 20M connected cars across all manufacturers.

McKinsey research also shows that while the adoption of IoT technologies has witnessed a rapid increase in the last five years, successful implementation still eludes many firms. Commercial, industrial, and automotive organizations are seeking to transform their operations by sending data to the cloud, yet the challenges posed by large-scale IoT management are a source of significant pain. These challenges include onboarding massive amounts of data from IoT peripherals, delivering firmware updates to remote devices, and distributing actionable insights from the collected data via dashboards. Many organizations are struggling to deal with the required changes and need a comprehensive approach.

For our part, we have always believed “Change requires persistence.”

As an AWS Advanced Partner with validated “IoT” and “Data and Analytics” consulting competencies, Persistent Systems specializes in building customized industry solutions delivered in cooperation with an extensive partner ecosystem. Recently, Persistent announced a strategic partnership with Software AG, a leader in enterprise software for integration, IoT, and automation. Persistent and Software AG will partner on joint go-to-market activities, including the development of industry solutions and accelerators for Healthcare and Life Sciences; Banking, Financial Services and Insurance; and Telecommunications. A newly created Professional Services Center of Excellence, powered by large talent base of Persistent-trained engineers, will bring the domain and technical strength needed to deliver these solutions to solve client business needs.

Persistent delivers custom industrial IoT and Analytics solutions to manufacturers by leveraging its Flywheel software methodology atop AWS’s extensive set of IoT, Big Data, and AI/ML building blocks. With Domo and AWS as our solutions partners, we deliver a complete self-serve analytics solution for manufacturers that reveals valuable insights for stakeholders across their organizations. Dashboard metrics include Overall Equipment Efficiency, Backlog Trends and associated Delayed Revenue, and Return on Factory Investments.

Further, our IoT engagements have ranged well beyond an industrial and manufacturing client focus:

  • Persistent’s Smart Communities IoT solution benefits property managers and residents
  • IoT Asset Management solution services increase ROI on critical equipment
  • IoT solution for Smart Factories advances manufacturing towards Industry 4.0

Let us know your requirements and we can architect and deliver a solution that leverages AWS’s advanced services to your benefit.

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