Superlative patient experiences will never go out of trend. But in the era of increasing pressure on institutions and an exceedingly high number of key interactions between patient and provider becoming virtual, it becomes essential to focus on precision and speed. The best way? An enterprise contact centre.

Leveraging technology to ease patient journeys through the healthcare system must take precedence in an increasingly people-centric healthcare system. With Patient Access Services (PAS) – often seen as the nerve centre for care navigation – facilities like onboarding patients, conducting successful outpatient programs, managing services in speciality care, complex care coordination and more can be streamlined.

PAS also serves to fulfil the essential function of platform consolidation. The typical scenario today entails personnel using 10-16 separate systems that do not talk to each other or share data well. Moreover, each of these systems represent a different user experience and different user interfaces. PAS works at turning those multiple systems of engagement into a single system of engagement that interacts with multiple systems of records.

PAS centres can range from basic to advanced based on requirements around type of patient interaction, problem solving capabilities and coordination requisites. Basic centres perform tasks expected of a simple contact centre like providing patient onboarding, appointment scheduling and enquiry services. While advanced centres provide health systems with a focal point for services ranging from appointments to care coordination aimed at reducing readmissions and ER visits.

PAS turns a call centre into a strategic asset that can revitalize patient experience and healthcare providers the world over are already leveraging it for care navigation.

The overarching goal that fuels PAS

At a high-level, a PAS system will

  • Increase staff satisfaction and empowerment and
  • Increase patient/caregiver satisfaction.

It is essential to note the order in which these have been listed because having engaged and happy staff on the other end of the phone or email is the KEY to delivering a better patient experience. The vision behind every Patient Access Services centre is improving patient experience and is achieved through carefully balancing several essential factors that come together to create a PAS centre that ensures a high level of patient satisfaction.

Here are the core elements that are critical in designing the PAS experience

Core elements of designing the PAS experience

Persistent System’s 28+ years of experience working with top healthcare providers has led to the development of insights that make all the difference in the efficacy of the offering designed. And with PAS, the ‘secret’ ingredient is also making space for enhancing the agent/coordinator experience. Since PAS is an orchestration service where centre agents or care managers reactively or proactively interface between patients and the organization to ensure seamless care and shared decision making, the agent’s experience is an important factor in the quest to achieve a high level of patient satisfaction. The most common customer needs are carefully matched with the most frequent agent tasks and create an offering that truly works for all stakeholders in the equation.

Challenges that PAS helps healthcare providers master,

  • Lack of intelligent Automation
  • Cumbersome, low quality User Experience
  • Fragmented, difficult to visualize Data
  • Absence of customization that meets emerging requirements
  • Limited insights, alerting mechanisms and classification tools that affect Decision Making
  • Consistently upgrading Security
  • Missing Clinical Compatibility of most offerings in the market
  • Inconsistent user and patient related metrics leading to problematic Operational Analytics

These challenges are best combated by stationing a PAS centre that has well-rounded, insightful features that lead to a truly empowering experience. Resolving these practical pain-points helps advisors serve better while fulfilling all their KPIs and hitting the mark when it comes to designing a delightful patient experience. Here is a quick look at all the features offered by PAS to tackle every pain-point that a healthcare provider faces,

Features of PAS solutions at a glance

Solution Differentiators

Persistent Systems has displayed proven expertise by creating insightful healthcare solution offerings over the last 28 years. This extensive experience puts Persistent in a unique position to build solutions that specifically cater to the nuanced requirements that a healthcare provider faces.

The differentiators that put Persistent’s PAS Solution in the spotlight are,

  • Quicker build and deploy time
  • Add-on components specific to Patient Access Care or Care Coordination
  • Next generation Lightning interface
  • Deep-learning chatbot & AI
  • Automation strategies such as Patient360, CTI that reduce the complexity of tasks currently performed

Being on the same wavelength as leading healthcare providers the world over fuels Persistent’s ideas and methods and are what make a solution tick.

Why leverage Persistent’s PAS Solution

PAS delivers in two dimensions.  One is quantitative and mostly focusses on operational issues like better reporting, better coordination between systems, more visibility for care advisors, lower training costs, more patients handled per unit time, etc.  The other is qualitative that addresses staff and patient satisfaction through the enablement of non-clinical methods of delivering healthcare.

Increased productivity and consolidated, seamless user experiences are only the beginning of what PAS can do. With real time data integration capabilities available on a flexible platform, users can continue to create value even as the institute’s business objectives and goals change through the years. Despite providing a dynamic, consistently improving service, the highly secure PAS also negates the requirement for a third-party security system to ensure compliance.

But most importantly, PAS puts people first. With healthcare slowly but surely moving its focus from quantitative issues like payment for service to qualitative issues like payment for outcome, it is now more important than ever to guarantee a value-based care environment

In an industry where billing processes are being revised so that providers are increasingly being paid based on things like patient satisfaction, readmissions, etc, a solution like PAS actively works at reducing operational costs like trainings and enabling new revenue streams that make collection more efficient.

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