As the world gets smaller, businesses have grabbed the opportunity to get global. But with global power comes global responsibilities! And most businesses are going the start-up way and hiring an army of internal technologists in a bid to deliver results at break-neck speeds. But without the requisite software background, most businesses have serious blind spots when it comes to delivering engineering innovation. That nagging feeling of having missed something doesn’t go away as innovation portfolios continue to carry a lot of risk. Why build, test, release when you can leverage multiple decades of experience from tech companies that have the right vantage point, check for failure modes, deliver the maximum value for investment and are akin to having a solid innovation portfolio insurance plan in place?

The Background:

Leadership at most levels has rapidly gone from having to captain a team of locals who they had face-to-face communication with, shared similar culture and language with and had the time to build a seamless working relationship with to the exact opposite. Different time zones and language barriers are just the beginning of what makes a manager’s life difficult.

To combat our managers losing too much sleep trying to reconcile too many parameters, an early warning system that helps facilitate expert intervention before hitting that critical inflection point is just what the doctor ordered. This is the basic framework of what’s on offer in Persistent System’s ‘Delivery Hub’.

The Why:

Whether it is a program manager overlooking people management, analyzing customer pulse and juggling everything in between, or an engineer designing, coding and releasing, Delivery Hub helps keep tabs on parameters that matter and puts in an efficient, effective early warning system.

With the expected pace of change getting incrementally faster and margins for errors getting slimmer, organizations need to get better at understanding and mitigating risk.

The ability to swiftly answer questions like,

  • Which project needs management attention & when?
  • What interventions would enable a project to get back on track?
  • What current risks can derail projects?
  • Which project is likely to melt down and why?
  • Which projects are veering away from their intended business benefits?

Can be the difference between maximizing business value and businesses derailing because of growing to seemingly unmanageable sizes.

P.S. – Growing pains don’t need to be a thing in business if you leverage technology right.

The How:

Delivery Hub records, transmits and interprets readings by employing advances in data collection, data science and machine learning. This not only eases the stress of manually gathering and deciphering vast amounts of data, but also provides an easy to manage, color-coded overview that ranges from ‘Looks good’, ‘Needs Attention’ and ‘Likely to Meltdown’.

And Persistent’s Delivery Hub is designed in a completely customizable way that enables organizations to use the solution in different branches including development, operations, business and program management.

The When:

A solution like Delivery Hub, designed to be more than just a project management tool, helps companies bring in the speed as well as the accuracy required to take on complex goals and frees up resources to focus on more creative work. Most would say that a solution that helps tackle information overload and turns it into actionable insights in real-time is long overdue in most organizations.

With over 5000 projects under our belt in the last 5 years, Team Persistent’s experts are primed to manage total quality and maximize business value using our Software 4.0 methodology. Looking to empower your managers, programmers, operations guys and more? Talk to us!