I am back! It’s almost 2 months here at Persistent Systems and it feels like forever.

As promised, continuing on my last post, I am excited to share my experience with 25 odd prospects and customers and how Persistent is helping (or trying to help) enterprises in their digital transformation journey.

I have tried to bucket a few of my conversations/meetings here.

Monetization: Be it a customer in BFSI, LSHC or a security/compliance company, enterprises are realizing they have these golden nuggets in data. Data that they have collected for years and it’s high time they extract value out of it. I am also very happy to see how a couple of the prospects wanted to build a full-blown digital platform for monetization.

Building a digital platform: There are customers who want to transform their decade+ old legacy architecture to scale their business, build a digital platform for launching new experiences at speed for customers, partners and employees. Example being couple of our retail customers have a API first strategy and are building mobile based experiences for their store reps as well as consumers.

Personalized customer experience: Making every customer think they are the only one. Every enterprise I spoke to wants to provide a personalized customer experience complemented with omni-channel experience. “Power of one” is what we call this at Persistent. Spoke to a few credit unions in the last few days and enhancing member experience stands out with the member being the center of the universe.

Launching new products (and platforms) to gain competitive advantage:Enterprises have become even more vary of competition and are absolutely willing to explore how fast they can catch up with or be ahead of competition by launching new offerings on a “digital platform” that’s poised for future growth. It’s absolutely OK to not touch your legacy but continue innovating on a new digital platform.

Overall, Persistent continues to focus on how digital transformation helps enterprises in achieving business outcomes whether it’s increasing revenue, enhancing margins or becoming a world-class brand. Enterprise customers absolutely want to know the “How” of Digital transformation and proposing Persistent’s state-of-the-art reference architecture, EDT Digital Accelerators and continuous transformation by design methodology is resonating well.