• Salesforce’s continued innovation and obsession with customer success has a sustainable business model that customers and partners stand to gain from.

On Day 1, Tyler Prince shared an update on the latest IDC trends. As a Platinum Partner, we are pleased to see the value of the customer is improving. Partners were recognized as the preferred medium to deliver so the customer can realize sustainable business outcomes. Delivering more value is a win for customers, Salesforce, and Partners!

  • Salesforce is betting on industry verticals with industry-specific solutions

During industry-specific Dreamforce keynotes, executives highlighted that customers are willing to spend more on industry-specific out-of-the-box functionality that shows lower attrition rates. Therefore, we continue to see rapid innovation within existing industry vertical clouds like Financial Services Cloud and HealthCloud. Persistent Systems is helping businesses design proven digital mosaics by industry to increase time to market and deliver value quickly.

  • Customer 360 Truth

AI continues to drive mind share and data is more critical in every implementation (CRM+Data). With the recent acquisition of Tableau, Mulesoft’s API led economy, and enhanced functionality within Einstein analytics, you can clearly see the collective importance of Customer 360 Truth. In a recent interview, Patrick Stokes, Executive Vice President of Platform Shared Services at Salesforce, drives home the importance of a single source of customer truth. Read this highly enlightening Q&A with Patrick for more on how achieving a “360-degree view” of customers has been the ‘Holy Grail’ of digital transformation.

  • Businesses will continue to be the platform for change

Salesforce is well known for their Pledge 1% – Philanthropic 1:1:1 model. Day 3 at Dreamforce focused on sustainability, climate change, and equality and how we can all be Trailblazers for the cause!

  • Salesforce is the connector for the customer to ensure they get the best of breed from their partner ecosystem.

Salesforce continues to embrace strategic partnerships with Apple and Microsoft. Salesforce announced two new apps on iOS and enhanced Mobile SDK to further build the trailhead learning and enablement experience. This only served to solidify Salesforce’s obsession with customer and partner success. Salesforce and its broad ecosystem have unlocked a new paradigm for customer centric digital transformation. This open, flexible environment provides limitless opportunities to compose a mosaic of digital services.

Persistent Systems is a Platinum Salesforce partner focused on the Digital Mosaic across cloud and industry verticals including Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Manufacturing.